introduction of company

A.B.Sangari and Sons limited established 1968 and it is one of the well known companies in field of providing technical & engineering equipment for universities and industrial centers after more than 40 years. Sangari main activity is supplying research & educational engineering equipment for all academic levels BSc. , MSc. and PhD. in different fields such as: Civil, Electrical, mechanical, oil & gas engineering, Aerospace, chemical engineering, Metallurgy and environment and pollution monitoring ; also supplying research & develop equipments, QC equipments for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industrial laboratory. Sangari proved its adherence to commitments by providing continual after-sales services in many research & industrial centers including Petroleum industry( downstream & upstream), Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power plant, automobile manufacturing and also Scientific and research centers like Petroleum Industry Research Institute, Road , Housing and Development Research Center, TSML …..

The reason which makes Sangari be different from similar companies is:
It is sales representative of international brands in field of laboratory and engineering equipments. Since customer satisfaction is our immutable main goal in company policy, so Sangari support its customers with after-sales services which done by experienced technicians and a unique high tech workshop facilities. Customers will provide with continuous support of our specialists & Scientific-technical advisor for purchased equipment. Sangari have training courses for the users in order to proper use of purchased equipment. Sangari offer 1 year warranty and 10 years after-sales services for all its equipments.

 Ahmad B. Sangari
Group Chairman and Joint managing Director